Opportunities for Womxn

As a brand new company, we are currently in the process of generating a steady stream of revenue so that we can begin providing paid internships and job opportunities for womxn to gain the skills and resources necessary to pursue a profession they are truly passionate about; whether that be jewellery-making, schlepping vintage clothes, pottery, becoming a marketing expert, or anything else their entrepreneurial heart desires- we want to support them in every way possible.

But first, in order to do this- Maven Hill Market has to become sustainable itself. Shopping with us means your not only supporting our small family with big dreams but everyone we work with- now and in the future.

Once Maven Hill Market begins generating a monthly revenue of £4,000 per month, we will then be capable of hiring a part-time intern/employee. 70% of that £4,000/month will be reinvested into the company by way of maintaining and increasing inventory, marketing budgets, and other business expenses. The remaining £1,200/month in it's entirety will then go directly towards paying our first part-time intern/employee. Any revenue generated over £4,000 up to £5,600 will go towards paying our first employee £2,800/month (£33,600 per annum). Once we have reached this goal, we will then continue to hire more employees/interns per £4,000 of monthly revenue. 

As our launch date was May 18, 2021- we will update this page with how close we are towards hitting each benchmark. 

Thank you so much for your support.