Meet Our Artisans

Tappermade Soaps


I’m Sophia Tapper- mother, maker, fitness coach, and chemist. I make traditional soaps inspired by my love of the sea. I have always enjoyed chemistry and creating and 2020 has given me the opportunity to do more of this.

Research & Development

All of my products are handmade with simple, natural ingredients and inspired by the powerful healing properties of the sea and seaweed.

Why choose Savon d’Exe natural soap

We are using soap more than ever right now to combat the spread of germs. Many soaps contain harsh chemicals, which can cause skin irritation.

If you have discovered your skin needs natural soaps that are gentle, then you will enjoy the Savon d’Exe handmade soaps. They are created to make you feel nourished and invigorated like you do when you step out of the sea and into a warm home.

Savon d’Exe soap handmade in Exeter

Savon d’Exe means Soap of Exeter. My products are handmade in Devon, UK from ingredients that are as locally sourced as possible.

Handmade products are not all exactly the same, each unique product has been lovingly made.

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