Salty Grapefruit  & Carbon Soap

Salty Grapefruit & Carbon Soap

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Grapefruit Soap

Grapefruit soap with grapefruit essential oil. This tangy scent lifts your mood and offers a variety of other health benefits. It’s particularly good for oily skin. The fine salt, carbon and natural clay provide gentle exfoliation and a spa feel to your bath or shower time.

Salty Soap

Salt on your skin is great! If you’re lucky enough to take a dip in the ocean or are using a salty soap you may notice the following benefits.

Salt contains many wonderful minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium. They help combat bacteria and speed up the healing process. Those with oily skin can benefit from washing with salty soap due to its moisture-reducing abilities that can help control excess oil, which leads to clogged pores. Besides its “scrubby” element, salt acts as a great exfoliant that opens pores for a deeper clean and allows your skin to better absorb moisturisers and other treatments. The combination of grapefruit, salt and carbon may be great for anyone with oily skin.


Activated charcoal is carbon soot that’s been treated to give it a sponge-like structure, with lots of holes punched in it. This gives it a huge surface area. 1 gram of activated charcoal has a surface area of 3000 square metres! Wow. The gigantic surface area is particularly handy for soaking up substances, that’s why it’s used to purify water. The charcoal will help deep clean your pores along with the natural surfactants that are present in the soap.

Natural Soap

Handmade natural grapefruit soap is kinder to the skin than ‘normal’ soap or cleansing bars. Because it’s kinder to the skin, it’s absolutely perfect to use on the delicate facial area too.

Mass-produced soaps can contain chemicals that are known to dry out the skin and leave it irritated and sore. This is why many people over the years have avoided using it on their face. It’s also why manufacturers have made a huge business out of marketing and selling overpriced facial cleansers.

The Bar

Each grapefruit soap bar is 120g minimum and some chunky cuts are up to 140g.

The salty soap range is vegan, contains no palm oil, no SLS, no sulphates and is not tested on animals.

I don’t shave the edges off my soap because I don’t mind the rustic look and you get an extra 4 showers from that.

The packaging and postage packaging contains no plastic and is all re-useable. I may have re-purposed some packaging to send you this too.